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Thursday, March 4th, 2004
8:33 pm
Where has every one been. I haven't talked to anyone in days. It is getting so boring around her. If you are just sitting there with nothing to do come find me I am always willing to do something as long as it will be fun.

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, February 18th, 2004
9:53 am
Well I hope all of you have fun at you silly little ball. I will not be attending. I have better thing to do then go to a stupid ball.

Damn it! What is up with these damn Slytherins as of late. Why on earth would you do anything with a hufflepuff. Hell I still haven't been able to look at Luke in the same way since he was going out with hayden. Why would you disgrace this house like that I don't know why. Liam Laim Liam why would you do that I just hope that you decides to do something horrible to that hufflepuff or I might not beable to look at you in the same way again. I am not even sure I can look at any slytherin by the way they have been acting lately.

Current Mood: aggravated
Sunday, February 8th, 2004
9:09 am
Well now people are starting to talk around here. To bad it is about that stupid ball. Yes lets all dress up in uncomfortable cloth and try and dance in them. Then we have those people that are so worried because they might not have a date. Oh my gosh then world is not going to end if you don't get a fucking date. You people sicken me sometimes really you do.

Current Mood: annoyed
Friday, January 30th, 2004
8:29 pm
Still no word from my lord. What ever he must be planing must be big. Oh I can't wait to here it. I hate being left out like this. Oh but in my waiting I found Terry. Oh it was so much fun. Maybe next time it will be better though. We'll have to wait and see. Damn it what is up with all the waiting I have to do. I better go find something to go pass the time.

(Luke only)
Hey Luke it has been a long time since we talked last you should come find me we can talk over a drink.

(Terry only)
Hey did you have fun. I know I did. And I know you can't say you did't, even though you would of liked more.

Hmm This is fairly odd. There are no rumors about and nothing much has been going on. I guess I might have to go for a walk down the hall and stir up some fun.

Current Mood: devious
Monday, January 26th, 2004
3:22 pm
Things have been a bit boring around here for me maybe I should go visit a couple people and have some fun. Maybe I should go visit Hayden we never got to finish talking or maybe I should talk to Luke I haven't talked to him in some time.

I am yet to hear anything from the dark lord. This is strange. I thought he would have a small plan of something but yet no contact. I guess I'll just have to wait.
(end private)

Well I am off for a walk.

Current Mood: devious
Tuesday, January 6th, 2004
9:45 pm
Well I see Luke is awake. So Luke what was that long nap like?

It should of been longer for what you did. Saving a muggle born and you are his boyfriend on top of that. How dare you!!! You are a disgrace to this very house! You do not deserve the right to even he in this house. Next time you do something like that I hope that you never get up. For you better watch you back or you might just find a dagger in it and trust me I'll make sure you are dead.

Well here we are back in this hell they call school where I am once again bored out of my mind. I miss my job. Best job I ever had.

Current Mood: bored
Sunday, January 4th, 2004
9:05 pm
Oh great back to school. The one place I don't want to be. For once I was having a great time. I had a job I liked and could drink as much as I wanted for free but of course like always everything has to go wrong by having to go back to school. Maybe my chair is still in the spot I left it so that I can sit down away from the other people who don't talk to me anyway.

Current Mood: grumpy
Wednesday, December 24th, 2003
8:59 am
Busy busy busy
I don't think I have ever been this busy in all my life. I have been working 12 hour day if not more for the past couple weeks now. I can't believe that all of the people have been coming in. Plus I have to do all of my stuff on top of my 12 hour work day so right now I am getting about 1 to 2 hours of sleep each day when I am use to getting 3 to 4. Oh and how much I miss that extra sleep on the weekend. Well I hope I can get some time off soon so I can sleep and just relax and have a drink that is not on the run. Well I best get going I have to go to work. If you want drop bye. If I notice you are there I'll give you a free drink.

Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
5:34 pm
Not really doing much
Work has been boring lately not that many people have come in these past weeks except for the normal drunks. I almost got fired for almost killing one of them. He would not stop hitting on me but lets just say that after that last drink he had he was not going to be away where else besides the restroom the rest of the day. Besides work nothing else is going on just out living on my own and paying rent. I haven't seen anyone from school recently. Well I am bored so I am going to go walk around and look for something to do.

Current Mood: bored
Friday, November 28th, 2003
9:50 pm
Life is great working the bar. I meet all kinds of people and hear what they have to say about every thing and what they would never tell anybody unless they had a few drinks. Only on person from school has stopped by so far. Of course it had to be Mr. Boot. Well it was nice to see someone I know though. It was also nice to make sure that he knows that he still owes me. Well I am off to have a few drink and crash.

Current Mood: good
Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
9:55 pm
Best Jod Ever
I have found the best job for me. I work the bar. It is so great. People buy drinks for me or I can get free ones when ever I want. I can't belive I get paid to do this.
Tuesday, November 18th, 2003
3:23 pm
Well I am finally home now. Well my new home. I couldn't stand my mom bitching and complaining about everything. So I went out and got a job and started renting a place out. It is a lot better this way. Well if you need me just send an owl.

Current Mood: good
Saturday, November 8th, 2003
2:47 pm
My Fathers dead?
Finally he his gone. My fucking ass of a father is dead. And it was all me. Yes me who did it. Oh if you could only of seen his face when the dagger was inserted into him and that he knew it was me who was doing it. Oh that moment will be with me for the rest of my life and oh how much I loved it. Nothing has ever made me feel so alive and happy. And it is all thanks to the Dark Lord. He gave me the will to finally get ride of the one thing that was holding me back for my entire life. I am forever his loyal servant.

My father is dead. I just heard from my mother that he was killed. This is the worst news. It just had to be when school was ending. When I was just going to be coming home to see him. I think I'll go and have a drink or two to drown away the pain of the death of the man that was my father.
Tuesday, November 4th, 2003
5:56 pm
(Luke only)

Luke what where you thinking! No wait. Why weren't you thinking! Just what in hel gave you the idea to do that. I mean being friends with him is low but fucking him on the staff table no that is just barring you self alive. Don't do anything like that anain Because next time we might not be as freindly about it.

(Luke only)

I just could not belive my eye. I thought i had to much to drink but no I could only of wished that that was true. Luke you have sunk to a very big low by doing that. I only hope you will find some way to say you are sotrry to your fellow house mates.


Holy shit right on the staff table. Where did he get the balls to do that. Oh and it was not a bad sight at all wish I had popcorn and a drink and watched it go on. What am I saying. Oh well I can't lie to myself I did enjoy seeing it and wouldn't mind doing that with a couple peopel I know but not getting caught of corse. well i am tired and I need to think

Friday, October 24th, 2003
9:36 am
Well not much has been going on with me lately I have just been siting in my room doing the same old shit I always do. I still need to think of something for someone that owes me something. Well I have a lot of time to do that I think.

((OOC: I love study halls. I can get on a computer and see what has been going on))

Current Mood: drunk
Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
8:49 pm
Hey I am not going to be on that much for 3 weeks or more. My mom s going in for surgry and she will be down for 3 weeks and i ahve ot take care of her and in that time she will be working from home useing the only computer in the house. I hope it will go quick and that i wont miss anything and that if i am onn try and ro with me thanks

Current Mood: accomplished
Thursday, October 9th, 2003
9:39 am
Well thing have been a little boring around here of late. I had a run in with that Boot kid. Oh and I have heard that professor Snape is back. I think that is the best news I have heard in a little while

(Terry only)
You still owe me a favor. I'll have to think of one, but when I do you better go through with it or you can say hi to my dagger again and this time it wont be nice.
(Terry only)

Current Mood: bored
Friday, September 26th, 2003
5:27 pm
ok i ahve a new idea for the party thsi weekend if it ok with everyone and if we get the people we need. my new idea is that the party will be a supprise birthday party for millicent if there is anyproblem plk tell me and i will think of a new idea.

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
4:26 pm
ok lets try this again
(Slytherins only)

Well sine no one ahs really been up to anything I say we have a party this weekend. I will provide the drinks but not the entertainment. If you want you can gladly bring something or we all can go and do something somewhere else. OK well see you then.

Friday, September 19th, 2003
6:37 pm
party cancled
((OOC: I ahve to cancle the party for saturday somethings came up. Sorry. If I can get on sunday we can try to have it then.))
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