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shart_stuff's Journal

Kara Greengrass
Name: Kara Greengrass


Gender: Female

Orientation: bisexually

Age: 17


Wand: Ebony with dragon heartstring and unicorn hair 10 1/2"

Occupation: student, and work as a bar keep during the summer

Affiliation: voldemort

Blood: pureblood

Education: 6th year

Height & Weight: 5'2", 102lb

Eyes: Silver (due to a healing spell cast on her gone wrong)

Hair: Black

Build: Short and skiny but can kick some ass

Defining Marks: Silver eyes

Dress Style: Jeans and a T-shirt


Goals/Dreams: Own my own bar which is the best bar in the wizard world

Likes: Drinking, having fun, drinking, fire, drinknig

Dislikes: short jokes, peoeple useing her as an arm rest, people who think they can control her, and her father!!!!!

First Impression: Short and aloof with a short temper and likes to drink

Creativity: dependes on her mood and how much she has drank

Academic Strengths: DADA, Potions, CoMC

Academic Weaknesses: Divination, Astrology, and History of Magic (to boring)

Family: Maother, Father(dead)

Conclusion: An only child who is not liked by her family. A very troubled person who is easy to piss off and drinks to solve her problems and is rarely in good moods unless she is doing something she enjoys.